Physical Human-Robot Collaboration (PHRC)

Python code for Physical Human-Robot Collaboration (DMPs):

This repository includes code for the Physical Human-Robot Collaboration system that inlcudes human electromyography (EMG) and a hybrid force/impedance controller based on the work in Peternel, L., Tsagarakis, N., & Ajoudani, A. (2017). A human–robot co-manipulation approach based on human sensorimotor information. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 25(7), 811-822, as well as code for the muscle fatigue model based on the work in Peternel, L., Tsagarakis, N., Caldwell, D., & Ajoudani, A. (2018). Robot adaptation to human physical fatigue in human–robot co-manipulation. Autonomous Robots, 42(5), 1011-1021.


Dynamic Movement Primitives (DMPs)

Python code for periodic Dynamic Movement Primitives (DMPs):

This repository is part of a larger DMP code collection that was published in Saveriano, M., Abu-Dakka, F. J., Kramberger, A., & Peternel, L. (2021). Dynamic movement primitives in robotics: A tutorial survey. arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.03861. For the whole collection, see:


Interactive Learning of Stiffness and Attractors (ILoSA)