Funded projects

I have worked on various research projects in different roles. Some of the key funded projects are listed below:

  • CoDyCo: whole-body multi-contact motion in humans and humanoids [2013-2015] (FP7, European Commission), role: researcher

  • Biomechanics-guided robotic physical therapy for safe and effective rehabilitation of rotator-cuff injuries [2020-2021] (3mE Cohesion Grant, TU Delft), role: coordinator

  • An adaptive and compliant robotic system for polymetallic nodule collection from a varying and unpredictable seabed [2021-2022] (3mE Cohesion Grant, TU Delft), role: coordinator

  • Rhizome: development of an autarkic design-to-robotic-production and operation system for building off-earth habitats [2021-2022] (European Space Agency), role: partner/PI

  • Brightsky: sustainable maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft components [2022-present] (RDM, Netherlands Enterprise Agency), role: researcher

Rsearch awards

  • Won Best Student Paper Award at RAAD 2012 [2012]

  • Finalist for Best Interactive Paper Award at Humanoids 2016 [2016]

  • Won 2018 KUKA Innovation Award [2018]